Pyongyang, Through Her Eyes

The testimony of Yao Fang Yan, International sales manager of Chinese Xiamen Jinlong Motorbus Industry Co. Ltd:

I had eagerly looked forward to visiting Pyongyang so much. This was because my friends had often talked to me that it is a clean and beautiful city. At last, my dream was realized.

The news that the Spring International Commodity Fair would be held in Pyongyang made me rush here.

As I have heard, Pyongyang is perfectly clean; fresh air, lawns resembling green carpet, modern buildings, smiling faces of citizens and so on…

I was fascinated by its beauty.

I would carefully watch buses running along streets in the hope that I may see “KING LONG” motorbus, our enterprise’s production.

Our enterprise has a 25-year history, but one of the booming groups engaged in manufacturing modern motorbuses. Our production is being exported to over 100 counties and the demand of local enterprises engaged in long-distance journey for our buses is on steady increase.

How wonderful Pyongyang would be if our motorbuses were seen running in Pyongyang, I thought.

Through this commodity fair, I will conduct more brisk economic cooperation and exchange with the concerned organ of Korea, this is my determination.

I would like to express my respect to the diligent Koreans who have built Pyongyang into a beautiful city from the ashes of the war.