Pride of Irrigation Canal Builders

New gigantic projects are being rapidly accelerated in the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea including the construction of power stations along the River Chongchon, construction of stockbreeding base in the Sepho area, construction of the Kosan Fruit Farm and the irrigation canal project in South Hwanghae Province. In his new year address for this year, respected Marshal Kim Jong Un stressed the need to complete those major projects in time. The irrigation canal project in South Hwanghae Province is a huge one of cutting gravity-fed irrigation canals whose total length is one thousand and hundreds of kilometres.

Now great innovations are effected at every site of the irrigation canal project thanks to the devoted efforts of the volunteers from the capital city Pyongyang and all other parts of the country.

Sin Song Chol, Vice-Chairman of the North Hwanghae Provincial People´s Committee, has this to say:

“Now we are rapidly accelerating the irrigation canal project in hearty response to the historic new year address of respected Marshal Kim Jong Un. At present, earth excavation has been finished in the main and the waterway tunnel expansion and bedrock excavation are being promoted at the final stage.”

The builders are speeding up the project, actively introducing advanced blasting techniques and rational working methods. They know well that happiness is not a gift from others, but a thing to be created with their own hands. They are firmly determined to complete their tasks within this year.

An Hyok Chol, worker of the Grasswork Factory in Rinsan County, North Hwanghae Province, has this to say:

“Our task is, of course, difficult. But we do not feel tired when we think water will flow into fertile fields through this canal and bring bumper harvest.”

Ryu Kum Song, Official of the Pyongyang City Committee of the Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League, says:

“´Let us take responsibility for the safety of the project and guarantee its absolute quality for all eternity!´ This is an invariable motto of the builders. We will speed up the project and do all work in a responsible way to guarantee the quality thoroughly and devote all our efforts, though small, to building the reservoir into an eternal creation.”

The irrigation canal builders are true persons who find pride of life on the road of working for the happiness of the people.