Kim Jong Un Inspects New Dental Sanitary Goods Factory

Respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un gave field guidance to the newly-built Dental Sanitary Goods Factory.

The factory, with a total floor space of more than 12, 720 square meters, is a general producer of dental sanitary goods, which can turn out tens of millions of dentifrices, gargles and different kinds of dental sanitary implements a year. The Supreme Leader personally initiated the construction of the factory and solved all problems arising in its construction.

Enjoying a bird’s-eye view of the factory, he said that another stylish factory was built and it looked good and smart as its outer walls were tiled with white and green color to meet the requirements of the sanitary goods production base.

After being briefed on the factory in front of a map showing its production diagram and panoramic view, he went round different places of the factory including a control room for combined production, dentifrice production process, gargle production process, dental sanitary goods production process and a room for analysis to learn in detail about its construction and production.

Saying that it is a factory greatly conducive to the promotion of the people’s health to which he attaches great importance, he gave an instruction that should be regarded as a guideline in managing the factory.

Noting that his wish to give varieties of good-quality dental sanitary goods to our people has been realized with the construction of this modern factory, he said with pleasure that he is very pleasant over the fact that he did another worthwhile work for the people’s long life in good health.

He said that the factory should fully supply good-quality dental sanitary goods to the people by normalizing the production on a high level to make the people share in the benefit, adding that he would solve all the issues arising in the production and should be told about the knotty problem in time.

The Party continues to make big efforts to the work for consolidating the material and technical foundation of the public health sector to give full play to the advantages of our socialist healthcare system, the best system whereby the Party and the state take full responsibility for the life and health of the people, he said, adding that officials should make our people enjoy the happy life to the full, keenly feeling the benefits of the socialist healthcare system.

He expressed expectation and belief that the officials and employees of the factory would unsparingly devote their efforts, enthusiasm and wisdom to the drive for making contribution to the protection and promotion of the people’s health.

Accompanying him were Hwang Pyong So, Pak Pong Ju, Choe Thae Bok, O Su Yong, An Jong Su, So Hong Chan, Jo Yong Won and Ma Won Chun.