Kim Il Sung and the Fork Road to Mangyongdae

The Koreans always remember a story associated with the fork road to Mangyongdae along with many other exciting stories on President Kim Il Sung’s tours of inspection.

On October 9, 1945, he, on a tour of inspection of the Kangson Steel Works stopped his car on the fork road to Mangyongdae.

He got off the car and turned his eyes to his native place in deep emotion.

He had his native home and grandparents within hail, the home that he had never forgotten even for a moment in the long years of the arduous anti-Japanese armed struggle.

But he did not drop in at his home, but went to Kangson, burning his heart with patriotism.

He warmly clasped hands with workers who had been exploited in a ruined country and inspired them to build a new country, calling them pillars of a new Korea who were to shoulder the destiny of the country.

The fork road conveys the immortal exploits of Kim Il Sung for all ages. It was a historic road that laid a foundation for the prosperity of this country.