The Leader’s Lifelong Motto

“A man who is making revolution should always believe in the strength of the people and solve all problems arising in the revolution and construction depending on their strength.”

This was the lifelong motto of the great President Kim Il Sung. When he embarked on the road of revolution in his early years he saw through the demand of the era of independence and the law of the development of history and clarified the profound truth of Juche that the popular masses are the masters of the revolution and construction and they have the strength to promote the revolution and construction. He also clarified that the popular masses are the teachers in everything and the motive force of the development of history and wove tens of years of revolutionary guidance as a history of popular guidance.

After Korea´s liberation, President Kim Il Sung said that in order to correctly enforce the agrarian reform which was a difficult task, it was necessary to depend on the peasants, the masters of the land. He met peasants and anatomically analyzed the complicated feudal landownership and then confirmed one by one the principles and ways of agrarian reform suited to the situation of the countryside of Korea. After the Korean war, when the enemies at home and abroad challenged the Korean revolution, saying this or that about the people´s livelihood, he went among the people and discussed important affairs of the country together with them and created a great new history of revolutionary upsurge by rousing them.

He always found himself among the people, saying philosophy, economics, literature and all other things are among the people, and whatever difficult and complicated tasks can be successfully carried out when the inexhaustible creative strength and wisdom of the popular masses are properly mobilized.

One Sunday morning President Kim Il Sung called an official and proposed visiting some units in the Kangso, Ryonggang and Onchon areas. But the official could not give him an immediate answer because he first thought that the President who had worked late at several nights should relax his fatigue even a moment. So the official requested him to start in the afternoon after taking a short rest as it was Sunday.

President Kim Il Sung said:

“You have been working with me for a long time. But you don´t understand me yet. I cannot go out for field guidance on weekdays as I am busy, but on Sunday I want to go out to near places to get familiar with the reality and meet the people. There isn’t more satisfactory Sunday than this to me. It is my rest.”

Like this, President Kim Il Sung continued to call on people, saying he was most pleasant when he found himself among the people and he was pleased and had good appetite when he met them. Thanks to his devotion, socialist paradise was built and people became happy.

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