The Hall Where the Armistice Agreement was Signed

The hall where the armistice agreement was signed is in Kaesong City in the center of the Korean peninsula. In the hall the Korean Armistice Agreement was signed, announcing the great victory of the Korean people who defeated the US imperialist aggressors in the three-year Fatherland Liberation War. In Juche 34 or 1945, the US imperialists illegally occupied the southern half of Korea and made a sudden armed invasion upon the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea on June the 25th, Juche 39 or 1950 with an ambition to take the whole of Korea. The DPRK which was only two years after its foundation turned out in the struggle to repulse the invasion of the world´s would-be “strongest” US imperialists and troops of their 15 satellite states, the south Korean puppet army and other imperialist allied forces. The great Kim Il Sung created Juche-based war methods, strategies and tactics and wisely led the entire service personnel of the Korean People´s Army and people to victory in the war and thus broke the myth of US imperialists´ “mightiness”. Repeated defeats compelled the US imperialists to come out to negotiations.

The armistice agreement was signed at 10 on the morning of July the 27th, Juche 42 or 1953. The Korean Armistice Agreement is a comprehensive armistice agreement signed between the KPA and the “UN Forces”, the imperialist allied aggressor forces fabricated by the US imperialists; it is an indefinite armistice agreement aimed at ensuring complete suspension of hostilities and any kind of armed action in Korea until the Korean problem is solved in a peaceful way.

In the hall there are flags symbolizing the DPRK side and the enemy side and a signed document of the armistice agreement. The building is a symbol of the brilliant victory of the Korean people who defeated the US imperialist aggressors and honorably defended the freedom and independence of the country in firm unity around the great Kim Il Sung.

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