Genius Education in Korea

Education of talented children and students is being further intensified in the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea in line with the demand of the era of knowledge-based economy. The state educates new generation with remarkable aptitude and talents well to be the men of ability devotedly working for the country and people.

Talented children in nurseries and kindergartens receive early education. And their dreams are matured and realized through the extracurricular groups in primary and secondary schools. In recent years the universal 11-year compulsory education system was extended into 12-year system so that children of primary and secondary schools can fully understand the contents of education.

At the stage of primary and junior secondary schools excellent pupils are selected and given genius education while general education is intensified. The genius education bears fruit at the stage of higher education.

Kim Il Sung University, Kim Chaek University of Technology and other universities set up genius classes in the faculties of natural sciences and fixed the term of education in line with their conditions. After the university course, students enter the postgraduate course and receive genius education continuously.

Universities combine study and research closely and award academic degrees to the students who present excellent treatises. Genius education is also active in art education.

Art schools and children´s palaces have been built across the country, where children with artistic talents learn to their hearts´ content and develop their talents.

In schools of different levels teaching competition and qualification judgement of teachers are often organized in order to improve scholarly performance of schoolchildren.

And theoretical education methods are being actively developed to give genius education with proper methods in accordance with the demand of the IT era.

Firm foundation of the genius education is laid through frequent nationwide exhibitions and academic contests in the field of education and generalization of excellent successes. Presented to the exhibitions are valuable teaching plans, reference books, newly developed e-books, education programs and experimental and practical equipment.

Pak Sun Dok, Vice-Minister of General Education of the Education Commission, says:

The educational expenses of all schools in our country are borne entirely by the state. And all rising generations from kindergarteners to university students receive free education. Especially thanks to the wise measures taken by the party and state a well-organized genius education system has been established and the state fully provides all educational conditions for it.

A lot of talented persons educated under such benefits distinguish themselves on the world arena and form the mainstay of the building of a highly-civilized nation.

Thanks to the excellent education policy of the government of the Republic, genius education of Korea is demonstrating its great vitality and the building of a prosperous nation will be accelerated.