Flag of the WPK Fluttering in the Sky of October

The flag of the Workers´ Party of Korea is fluttering in the sky of October.

Whenever they look at the sacred flag of the WPK which has led the revolution and people to victory and glory despite upheavals of history, the Korean people ardently long for the benevolent image of the great leader Kim Jong Il who performed undying achievements for the party and revolution, for the country and people with his infinite patriotic devotion.

The great Kim Jong Il, eternal General Secretary of the WPK, defended the destiny of the Korean people and provided them with a worthwhile life and happiness by devoting all his life. The history of the WPK is unthinkable apart from his exploits in the party building.

On the unforgettable October 8, Juche 86 or 1997, the whole country was wrapped in deep emotion. The great Kim Jong Il was elected General Secretary of the WPK. It was a clear demonstration of the ardent will and firm faith of the people and a great national event to be specially recorded in the history of the party.

At that time the conferences of the WPK, representing the unanimous minds of the entire party members and other people, said:

The great Kim Jong Il personifies the noble personality of people´s leader.


Kim Jong Il is the greatest of great men and the most brilliant commander, seasoned in politics, unusual in military affairs, well-versed in the economy and culture, experienced in diplomacy and sentimental in life.

The special news of the Central Committee and the Central Military Commission of the WPK declaring that Kim Jong Il was elected General Secretary of the Party created a great sensation among the people across the country.

To the Korean people the WPK was Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Il represented the mother party. With him as the General Secretary of the WPK, the party flag could be fluttered invariably and more fiercely even in the storm and stress of history.

One day Kim Jong Il meaningfully said it is a policy of the WPK and the essence of his human philosophy that the party should be responsible for all people and train and take care of them, lead them to enjoy worthwhile social life and give them political integrity to be immortal even after their death.

One year he took measures to improve the people´s living, saying the issue of the people´s living should be solved no matter how difficult the conditions may be, as the people believe in the party as in heaven.

Thanks to his warm love and affection for the people, epoch-making breakthrough opened in the improvement of the people´s living during the arduous period and the maxim of the Kim Jong Il era that Korea does what it is determined to do became reality.

Thanks to his Songun-based leadership, the children learned to their hearts´ content at schools under the bright sun across the country and enjoyed themselves at the camps built in celebrated mountains and beauty spots.

Kim Jong Il fluttered high the party flag of Juche handed by great Kim Il Sung till the last period of his life. Thanks to October 8 when he was held in high esteem at the supreme post of the party, the WPK is now demonstrating its dignity and honor all over the world.

That is why in the significant October all the armymen and people extend greatest respect to the great Kim Jong Il who strengthened and developed the WPK into the eternal party of Kim Il Sung and provided them with a happy life and bright future. Today, too, all the army and people of Korea are flying high the red party flag.

Under the flag upheld by respected Kim Jong Un the Korean army is firmly defending the fatherland and the people bringing about epoch-making changes with creation and labor. Our satellites are flying in the sky, crops ripen on the land, great leap forward are made in factories and monumental creations glorifying the great Songun era are rising up in all parts of the country.

The Korean people will always demonstrate victory and glory under the leadership of respected Kim Jong Un under the party flag more fiercely fluttering in the sky of Songun Korea.