Famous Singer.

There is a renowned singer in the arts group of the Korean Disabled Art Association.

Singing with a rich voice and clear and beautiful tone “Voice of my heart”, “Ode to the Fatherland” and other songs, she left a deep impression on the audience. She is none other than Pak Jin Ri, a blind woman who is 18 years old.

Since she was little she was very sensitive to sound and imitated well the new songs that were broadcast on television and radio. The girl was the joy and happiness of the family.

But when she was 3 years old, she began to lose her sight without knowing why and the doctors diagnosed her with a degenerative disease that affected her vision.

Her parents fought to keep her from losing her vision, but every effort was in vain. The laughter faded from the girl’s face.

When she was older, she was afraid to talk to her peers and relatives. Just at that time, she was visited by the Korean Art Association of the Disabled.

The teachers of the Association, appreciating the girl’s desire to sing and her talent, formed and presented her as a soloist.

One year, when visiting a foreign country as a member of the Korean Delegation of the Disabled for Art Exchange, Jin Ri sang the songs about the homeland that made her dream blossom and received thunderous applause from the audience.

Watching the Korean Disabled Show, viewers expressed, “It’s wonderful. Looking at their excellent talents, who would say they are disabled? They are not handicapped. We were able to know well about the reality of the DPRK that offers excellent educational conditions for the disabled ”.

Hugging the daughter who develops under the love and special help of her teachers and classmates, her mother recommended: “My daughter. Your dream came true only thanks to our socialist regime. Be a nightingale that always sings the country.