“Factory of Saplings”

Modern tree nurseries are under construction in all provinces amid the vigorous drive for reforestation in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Last year, a large-scale tree nursery was built in North Hamgyong Province, which produces 20 million saplings a year.

The respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited Kyongsong County in North Hamgyong Province in August Juche 107(2018). While guiding on the spot the preparations for construction of a greenhouse farm, he gave instructions on building a modern tree nursery simultaneously since the site of the greenhouse farm is very large. He was often informed of the actual situation, wisely leading the project.

One day in October Juche 108(2019), he visited the construction site again and expressed satisfaction over the completion of a greenhouse and tree nursery which can produce a large amount of fresh vegetables and saplings in all seasons in an excellent environment. He said this is a creation exnihilo.

On December 3 that year, the inaugural ceremony of the vegetable greenhouse farm and the tree nursery was grandly held in the presence of Kim Jong Un.

The North Hamgyong Provincial Tree Nursery covering tens of hectares of wide area has all facilities including several blocks of modern plastic-panel greenhouses, outdoor cultivation field, seed-gathering zone, round cutting field, experimental zone of introducing saplings for acclimatization and sapling storehouse.

There is also a peculiar sapling exhibition house which displays tens of kinds of plants growing in the province. Here, scientific and technological exchanges are made for young tree nursing and afforestation.

The North Hamgyong Provincial Tree Nursery is producing saplings of good species in a scientific and industrial way in all seasons. It is literally a “factory of saplings”.