Work for Themselves

The emergency anti-epidemic work to thoroughly prevent the inflow of the malignant virus is done as a mass campaign in Mangyongdae District of the capital city Pyongyang.

Here is Mun Song Chon, Senior Official of the Mangyongdae District People’s Committee.

“The primary goal of struggle for the 80-day campaign is to maintain the firm anti-epidemic posture by further strengthening the anti-epidemic work on a nationwide scale. Our district is directing efforts to creating the mass anti-epidemic atmosphere and ensuring all-people unity in voluntary action, while inducing all inhabitants to keep the anti-epidemic regulations by themselves, clearly understanding that they are the masters of the emergency anti-epidemic work.”

An inhabitant Kim Yong Chol says:

“It is no exaggeration to say that our country is completely surrounded by the malignant virus. Under such condition, the emergency anti-epidemic measures taken by the Workers’ Party of Korea are entirely correct ones for the people, for ourselves.”

An inhabitant Sin Yong Mi says:

“On TV, it is said that COVID-19 is infected through air and by seasonal birds and wastes floating on the sea water. Therefore, nobody knows when and how the virus comes into our country. I think that we should regard the anti-epidemic rules as the work for ourselves and sincerely participate in the work.”

All the Korean people take part in the emergency anti-epidemic work with responsibility, regarding it as the work for themselves.