Echo of the Ullim Falls

The famous Ullim Falls are in Chonnae County, Kangwon Province of Korea. The magnificent echo of the falls evokes infinite exclamation and ecstasy of people. Here is a story about the love for the people associated with the falls.

Pak Chol Ok, lecturer of the Kangwon Provincial Revolution Museum, has this to say:

“From olden times, few people came to the area of the Ullim Falls as it was in too rugged a place. But the great Kim Jong Il built the Ullim area which was out of concern from ancient times into a scenic spot of the people, a fairyland in the Songun era. Reported in November Juche 88 or 1999 that a new scenic spot was found in the Ullim area, he decided to build a cultural recreation resort there for the people while preserving the nature in the area as it was and assigned the task to soliders of the Korean People´s Army.”

In August Juche 90 or 2001, the great Kim Jong Il heard the news of the completion of the recreation resort project and visited the Ullim Scenic Spot built by soldier-builders soon after his return from a foreign country. Reaching there after driving around many bends of mountains, visitors can see the spectacular Ullim Falls pouring down the breast of a sheer cliff, throwing off thick fog. The falls are surrounded by a string of sharp mountain peaks, under which precipitous cliffs are standing like hundreds of folding screens. Seen from a pavilion, the Ullim Falls looked more marvellous.

Kim Jong Il watched the roaring falls with a bright smile on his face and said, it is really wonderful falls which are rare to be seen in our country. He said with satisfaction that the soldier-builders had unfolded another fairyland in the Songun era. And he had a photograph taken with the falls as the background. Later on the march of Songun leadership, he often asked about the Ullim Falls. He asked if many people were visiting it and if they liked it. He said, he was also pleased as people like it. One year he visited the falls again and, recalling the merits of the soldiers of the People´s Army registered in the history of the building of a prosperous nation, said the echo of the Ullim Falls can be said to be an echo of Songun. And he said with excitement that the echo of the falls seemed to appeal to our hearts to make Korea a country best in the world as early as possible.

The Ullim Falls are a scenic spot for the people who want to visit and are reluctant to leave. The bright future of a prosperous nation envisaged by Kim Jong Il through the echo of the Ullim Falls is becoming reality today under the leadership of respected Marshal Kim Jong Un.

New scenes of Songun-guided civilization to be enjoyed by the people will continue to be unfolded in Korea under the leadership of respected Marshal Kim Jong Un who is carrying forward the noble love of the great Kim Jong Il for the people.