DPRK-Cuba Relationship Remains Steadfast.

Six decades have passed since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the DPRK and Cuba on August 29, Juche 49 (1960).

Since then the history of friendship between the two countries began.

The bilateral relationship is that of an invincible friendship and a permanent comradeship established in the struggle for realizing common ideals under the banner of anti-imperialist independence and socialism. The peoples of the two countries have remained faithful to the revolutionary principle and comradely obligations despite difficult and complicated international environment.

The Korean people have extended full support and solidarity to the Cuban people who defended the gains of the revolution, frustrating the imperialists’ ceaseless aggression, military threats, economic blockade and sabotage and subversive moves that started from the first day of victory of the Cuban revolution. The Cuban people, too, have expressed active support and encouragement to the just struggle of the Korean people advancing along the road of socialism unflinchingly without any slightest vacillation even in the face of imperialists’ pressure and blockade.

The solidarity and invincibility of DPRK-Cuba friendship was built up by the leaders of the two countries.

President Kim Il Sung met Fidel Castro Ruz who paid an official goodwill visit to the DPRK in March 1986 and had several rounds of talks with him, and saw to it that a grand banquet and the Pyongyang mass rally were held in honour of Fidel, thus demonstrating the might of invincible friendship and unity between the peoples of the two countries.

The great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il met with the delegation of the Cuban party, state and armed forces on a visit to the DPRK in February 1992, thus further strengthening the bilateral friendship.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un met Miguel Mario Diaz-Canel Bermudez who visited the DPRK in September 2015 and November 2018, and this hardened their determination to glorify forever the fraternal and militant friendship and unity established on the road of struggle for anti-imperialist independence and socialism.

Today, the Cuban people are firmly safeguarding the sovereignty of the country and socialism and successfully promoting the revolution and construction, frustrating the imperialists’ moves for isolating and suffocating their country at every step, under the correct leadership of the Communist Party of Cuba and the State headed by Raul Castro Ruz and Miguel Mario Diaz-Canel Bermudez.

The Korean people are greatly rejoiced at the achievements the Cuban people have made and sincerely wish them bigger successes in defending the country and the revolution from the manoeuvres of hostile forces at home and abroad and in accomplishing the just cause of stepping up socialist construction.

The two countries are geographically far away from each other. But, the noble sense of internationalism and revolutionary obligation of the parties and peoples of the two countries based on the socialist idea and ideals remain steadfast.

The traditional DPRK-Cuba friendship, which has been carried forward from one century into the next and from generation to generation, will be further strengthened and developed thanks to the joint efforts of the peoples of the two countries.