Ambitious Goal.

Kim Jong Hak, researcher of the cutting-tool laboratory at the Mechanical Engineering Institute under the State Academy of Sciences has obtained the qualifications for modern physics and mechatronics.

Born into a military family in a local town, he studied at the Physics Faculty of the University of Sciences from 2006 after graduation from a middle school.

Now is the era of science, so we should carve out our road by dint of science. Bearing this maxim of his teacher deep in mind, he devoted himself to studying, with the result that he received a student’s scientific research prize during his university days.

Then, he graduated from the Mechanical Engineering Faculty of Kim Chaek University of Technology with excellent academic records.

He possessed profound knowledge of mathematics, physics, dynamics and mechanical engineering and several foreign languages. He began to distinguish himself when he started his career at the State Academy of Sciences from 2015.

In 2017, a factory raised a scientific and technical problem for improving the performance of hard alloy drill. At that time, he developed a rational method for enhancing the performance several times, thus giving a tremendous profit to the State.

In the course of studying the developing worldwide trend of mechanical engineering and exploring the unknown world of science, he wrote tens of valuable papers, including “study on cubic boron nitride”, “study on tool structure”, etc.

He says: My goal is to push back the frontiers of mechanical engineering. I will produce more research findings for the prosperity of the country.