Youth Movement Museum.

The Youth Movement Museum is located in Mangyongdae District in the capital city of Pyongyang. It was opened to the public in January Juche 105 (2016) on the occasion of the 70th founding anniversary of the Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Youth League.

It is comprised of a general review hall and other 15 halls. On display there in chronological order are the immortal exploits President Kim Il Sung, Chairman Kim Jong Il and Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un performed for the founding, strengthening and development of the youth movement of Korea, and other materials dealing with young Koreans who have adorned the trying years of the revolution with heroic feats and proud victories.

Kim Il Sung created the original idea of giving prominence to young people and, by applying this idea, prepared them as a powerful vanguard of the revolution and a reliable reserve force of the Workers’ Party of Korea. He formed the Young Communist League of Korea on August 28, Juche 16 (1927) and created the glorious revolutionary traditions of the Korean youth movement. He founded the Democratic Youth League of Korea after Korea’s liberation in August 1945 to enlist young people in building a new, democratic Korea. In the annals of the developing revolution, including the days of the Fatherland Liberation War, the postwar rehabilitation and socialist construction, he led them to perform the role of a vanguard detachment and shock force. Later, he developed the DYLK into the League of the Socialist Working Youth of Korea.

Kim Jong Il brilliantly carried forward Kim Il Sung’s idea of attaching importance to young people. He placed his trust in them and put them forward as the main vanguard force in the most difficult and challenging sectors, leading them to display to the full their unquenchable strength and wisdom. His infinite affection for and trust in them finds expression in the name of the Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League, in the torch of the revolution he handed over to them, in the significant Youth Day (August 28) and in the monumental edifices named after the youth of the country.

Today, Kim Jong Un carries forward the great leaders’ idea of prioritizing young people. He renamed the Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League the Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Youth League and said that the youth league and young people should hold high the slogan “Let us fully demonstrate the resourcefulness and gallantry of the heroic youth in the general offensive for building a powerful socialist country!” After reading the letter they wrote to him, he sent them his autographic reply message that a prosperous tomorrow would be achieved earlier by the young people taking vigorous steps. In order to hand down their feats for all ages, he named the power station, which they had built in the Paektu area in the face of severe trials, the Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station.

The museum showcases the struggle of heroic young Koreans who have creditably performed their mission and duty for the times and the revolution thanks to the great leaders’ policy of giving prominence to them and loving them. It also represents their mettle to give fullest play to their role in the building of a powerful socialist country in the future, too.