Diplomats, Representatives of Int’l Bodies and Military Attaches Visit Masikryong Ski Resort

Diplomats, representatives of international bodies and military attaches here spent a pleasant time at the Masikryong Ski Resort with their families.

They went round different places of the resort, being briefed on the fact that the service personnel of the Korean People’s Army built the world-class ski resort in the Masikryong speed startling the world, true to the grand idea of Marshal Kim Jong Un and in hearty response to his patriotic call.

The hotel and excellent ski service facilities in good harmony with the nature and the landscape of steep Masik Pass left deep impressions on the visitors.

The resort drew keen interest of the visitors as it is a base for all winter sports events and a mass sports tourist destination to serve all conditions for sports, tourism and recreation.

The guests looked around skiing and sleighing courses, skating ground and huge electronic display showing climatic conditions such as temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and wind velocity.

Going up and down more than 1 360 meters-high Taehwa Peak by ski lift and ski-motors, foreigners including Chinese and Russian ambassadors to the DPRK, enjoyed a bird’s-eye view of the spectacular resort including skiing courses and Masikryong Hotel.

Diplomats, Representatives of Int'l Bodies and Military Attaches Visit Masikryong Ski Resort
Diplomats, Representatives of Int’l Bodies and Military Attaches Visit Masikryong Ski Resort

Chinese Ambassador Liu Hongcai said one who has not mounted here can not say to have visited the resort and that he could feel how Masikryong miracle was created. He added the huge resort is a mental and cultural treasure of the people. He expressed the conviction that the Masikryong spirit will give encouragement to the Korean people who turned out in the drive to build a thriving nation and improve the standard of people’s living under the leadership of the Workers’ Party of Korea headed by First Secretary Kim Jong Un.

Foreigners enjoyed skiing and sleighing.

Ismail Ahmed Mohamed Hasan, Palestinian ambassador who is the doyen of the diplomatic corps, extended thanks in the name of diplomats and their families to Marshal Kim Jong Un for letting them spend a pleasant time in such a beautiful place. Kim Jong Un provided guidance for the successful construction of the resort in a short span of time, he said, adding these unforgettable days will remain as happy memories in all of us. He wished the friendly Koreans progress and prosperity.

Hassan Reza Husseini, military attache of Iranian embassy who is the doyen of the military attaches corps, said the word excellent will not be enough to express his impression of the resort. He said he, as a ski fan, could know that everything in the resort is above the world level. He added that service personnel of the Korean People’s Army built such a huge ski resort to be flawless one in a short span of time, stressing that this can be called a miracle of history. He said as a military man he can hardly repress his admiration, expressing the belief that the KPA will build good edifices in the future, too, under the outstanding leadership of Kim Jong Un.

Sheng Li, military attache of Chinese embassy, said it was very refreshing to visit the resort, emphasizing that the world-level resort showcases the cultural characteristics of Korea as well as world characteristics.

He said Kim Jong Un shows deep attention for the cultural and emotional life of the Korean people and that the service personnel built the resort at the initiative of the Marshal. He added that the KPA strong in militancy completed the resort to be perfect in terms of quality by unconditionally carrying out the order of the supreme commander.

He voiced his will to make active contribution to developing friendship between the parties, armies and peoples of the two countries.

Diplomats, representatives of international organizations and military attaches stayed at Masikryong Hotel together with their families.

Their wives said the hotel is cozy and peculiar, they enjoyed specialties they had not had at home and that they made themselves at home.

The night view of the brightly lit resort nestling in deep mountainous area gave delight to the visitors.

They held sports activities at swimming and wading pools of the hotel and other places and enjoyed diverse entertainment, singing and dancing all night.

Iliana Almaguer Rodriguez, wife of the Cuban ambassador to the DPRK, said the ski resort was built under the wise guidance of Kim Jong Un, who devotes his all to the people. She congratulated the DPRK on building another edifice, adding that she had full enjoyment.