Producer Kim Su Jo Remembered By the People Of the DPRK

Kim Su Jo who is widely known among the Korean people was Director General of the Phibada Opera Troupe and talented producer.

Kim Su Jo who is widely known among the Korean people was Director General of the Phibada Opera Troupe and talented producer.

I am going to tell you a story about him starting from an event which happened in February Juche 87 or 1998.

The great leader Kim Jong Il met cinema creators and artistes in order to give instructions on the way to complete the workers´ part of the multi-part feature film “The Nation and Destiny” which was in the making at that time. Present at that honourable place was a distinguished new producer. He was Kim Hyok Chol, son of Kim Su Jo.

Kim Jong Il appreciated his talent as producer of the film, and said that the producer´s father Kim Su Jo was a long-standing producer, his old acquaintance, and remembered that he directed well the opening and closing of the 13th World Festival of Youth and Students.

Afterwards, too, Kim Jong Il often remembered Kim Su Jo and highly appreciated his talent and merits as a producer.

Then what kind of man was Kim Su Jo remembered by Kim Jong Il?

Kim Su Jo was born in Jongro District, Seoul, south Korea. He was born into a poorest family as the third son. He had to fight poverty, suffering all kinds of difficulties at school age. He did all kinds of jobs as an errand boy, a ragpicker and a porter. Despite such difficulties he never gave up his desire for learning. After liberation of Korea, he asked his mother to send him to school and entered a middle school. But his desire for learning could not be realized. Owing to the military administration by the US imperialists who occupied south Korea instead of the Japanese imperialists, democratic forces were suppressed and progressive students thrown into prison. Kim Su Jo also had to serve his term in prison. During the Fatherland Liberation War against the US imperialists, he joined the Volunteers´ Army and fought. After the war he was engaged in art creation at different theatres.

The great Kim Jong Il assigned production of masterpieces to Kim Su Jo on several occasions, who was attentive to the details in all work and had great patience and executive ability. Sometimes he would awaken his short views and sometimes he would tell him about the scenes he had plotted, showing him trust and love at every step of his development.

It was thanks to such scrupulous guidance of the great Kim Jong Il that he could ensure the general production of the blockbuster, the grand mass gymnastic and artistic performance “Arirang” which struck the world people with great admiration.

And Kim Jong Il bestowed on him all honor and happiness that he could give, saying he had done a great job.

Ri Pok Myong, wife of Kim Su Jo, has this to say:

“My husband was an artist all his life. His life´s honor is reflected on the titles of Kim Il Sung Prize Winner, Hero of the DPRK and People´s Artist awarded to him by the state. He could enjoy such fruitful life as he was embraced in the bosom of the fatherland. In his lifetime my husband would always talk about Kim Jong Il and thought how to repay his tremendous favours.”

Kim Su Jo passed away some years ago. But his name remains in the memory of the people along with the grand mass gymnastic and artistic performance “Arirang” for his contribution to the country and people with worthwhile art creation under the care of the great man. The life of Kim Su Jo proves the truth that the life and talent of a man can become worthy and brilliant only under the care of a great man.

English Language Service, Voice of Korea