By Dint of Science and Technology

The Chollima Tile Factory based in Chollima District, Nampho, DPRK, is making steady efforts to increase production by dint of science and technology.

It is building up its scientific and technical forces and bringing into full play the creative enthusiasm of the producer masses.

Above all, it is rousing its technical personnel to push forward the work of raising the proportion of locally available raw and other materials in production and modernizing the machinery and equipment.

Those at the industrial laboratory set a goal of ensuring the provision of glaze by relying entirely on local materials, and made painstaking efforts to develop frit. After several years’ laborious efforts, they succeeded in mass-producing frit of good quality with local materials and also developing several additives for glaze production.

The achievements were introduced into production, thus increasing the production of various tiles and improving their quality and newly manufacturing polished glazed porcelain tiles and weather-resistant tiles for exterior walls.

Various control programs are introduced to ensure curves and transparency of tiles at a high level.

Not only production, but also business management, including the working out of plans to improve production capacities and quality of products, develop new tiles, establish necessary processes and manufacture facilities, are firmly based on competent scientific and technical forces of the factory.

Manager Ri Hong Rim says that he will give definite precedence to technical development and execute management activities in a bold way, thus retaining the factory’s reputation.