WPK Praised as Motherly Party by People in DPRK

8th Conference of Ideological Officials of WPK Closes

Pyongyang, July 14 (KCNA) — The noble love of the Workers’ Party of Korea for the younger generation is getting warmer as days go by.

New schoolchildren and university students in the DPRK have received summer school uniforms of new patterns after being provided with school uniforms, bags and shoes on the occasion of the new school year.

Seeing the schoolchildren and university students in new school uniforms, their parents and other people in the country hardly repress their gratitude to the WPK, the motherly Party.

Recalling that the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un called for producing better school uniforms for the pupils and students, while examining model uniforms, an official of the Ministry of Commerce said the top leader took all necessary measures for the successful production of school uniforms.

Officials of Nampho City and Phungso County of Ryanggang Province said that they supplied uniforms to the schoolchildren of villages in remote islets and mountains. The children were greatly pleased to receive new school uniforms, they added.

The mother of a pupil of Okryu Primary School in Taedonggang District of Pyongyang City said: I was moved to see my child sleeping with the new school uniform in her arm and came to think about the word “mother”. I merely gave birth to my child, and it is the Party that has brought her up.

A woman living in the township of Kangryong County, South Hwanghae Province said that she did nothing particular for her son entering a school but the respected General Secretary sent school things, uniforms, bag and shoes to her son. She expressed her strong will to devote herself to the benevolent socialist system.

Teachers across the country vowed to dedicate their wisdom and enthusiasm to the education of the rising generations, saying that they feel their pride and mission more deeply as teachers whenever they witness the Party’s loving care for the rising generations. -0-