U.S. Has No Right to Talk about Human Rights

Pyongyang, June 17 (KCNA) — Racist crimes are being committed one after another in the U.S.

As known, citizens are waging mass protests across the country, enraged by a white policeman’s murder of a black man on May 25.

Exasperated by it, the authorities are feigning ignorance as if the case is not an “institutional result”, staging a farce of dismissing and arresting those responsible for it.

But white policemen’s barbaric racist atrocities are unabated in the U.S.

Days ago, a protestor was shot dead by a policeman in Illinois and a video showing black women wounded by repressive policemen’s baton gun firing in a protest was made public.

Moreover, a 75-year old man fell bleeding by police violence during a public protest in Buffalo, New York and a black man was murdered again by a white policeman in Atlanta of Georgia, adding fuel to the burning resentment of the demonstrators.

Media of different countries are now expressing serious concern over the racial discrimination in the U.S. and lots of people in Europe, Africa and other parts of the world have turned out in solidarity demonstrations despite the spread of the epidemic to condemn the extreme human rights abuses in the U.S.

On June 8, the president of Namibia criticized the racial discrimination against the black in the U.S., saying that racism is like cancer all peoples in the world should combat.

The South African paper Pretoria News said that 99 percent of the policemen who murdered African-Americans went scot-free. It referred to the tragedy of the U.S. society that blood-thirsty criminals hunting black men like animals remain unpunished in the police. It added that the white policeman who cruelly strangled the black man had been accused of 18 cases involving his brutal acts but has gone with impunity until now and other 3 accomplices in the killing of the black man are all criminals who had been involved in several cases of attempted killings of and violence against black men over the past 10-plus years.

World media are commenting that the main factor of unabated murder of the black men by policemen in the U.S. lies in its legal system overlooking the crimes of the police, noting it is the weak point of its legal system that it can not help take due measures though policemen in many states and regions impudently make no report about their crimes.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, commenting on the situation of the U.S.-style democracy where racist crimes are being openly committed under the patronage of the government, termed extreme racism against the descendants of ethnic minorities the chronic evil practice in the U.S. society. The spokesperson said that the lives of the black matter and their rights should be defended.

Recalling that the U.S. liked giving a “steer” and faulting the human rights situation of other countries, whenever public unrest breaks out in those countries, during the past decades, the Russian Foreign Ministry noted that it would be wisest for Washington not to forget that “steer” but put it into practice.

The UN high commissioner for Human Rights in a statement urged the U.S. to put an end to chronic and organized racism that dims the future of its society.

The racist acts rampant in the U.S. and worldwide criticism of it shed light on the true nature of the U.S., the worst human rights tundra in the world.

It is the height of double-standards and intolerable mockery of international justice that such a country faults human rights performance of other countries. -0-