The Photoelectronic Institute of Kim Il Sung University has registered sci-tech research hits.

flow through turbine blades

The applied optics laboratory completed a new laser floor projecting system, developed a technique capable of measuring any form of an object plane in a three-dimensional way whose mathematical modelling was impossible and established a method which can measure accurately all the profile information of turbine blade in different environmental conditions in a short time at the Taean Heavy Machine Complex, thus laying a foundation for putting the machining of hydraulic turbine blade on a more scientific footing.

The nonlinear optics laboratory conducted the designing of a device capable of rapidly measuring the limiting concentration of oxygen in fuel gas of high-temperature air combustion rolling furnace and relevant simulation experiments; its introduction into the rolling process of the Chollima Steel Complex has made it possible to increase the operation time of heating furnace and boost rolled steel output.

The quantum optics laboratory put forward new models related to the development of quantum entanglement control and quantum router which are core issue in the development of quantum information processing technique and made clear its action mechanism.

Over a dozen papers including “Entanglement of two quantum dots with azimuthal angle difference in plasmonic waveguide system” and “Multiport quantum routing with four quantum dots placed at the junctions of ladder-type plasmonic waveguide” have recently been published in the international peer-reviewed journal.

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