Stalactite Scene of Songam Cave

Our country with abundant scenic spots has also many magnificent views underground.

The fascinating stalactite scene of Songam Cave is the world’s leading underground scenic spot.

The stalactites, which are in full bloom regardless of the season, display all sorts of colorful flowers by light effect.

A dolomitic layer, which was formed about a billion years ago, has been eroded for a long time into flower stones, stalactites and stalagmites.

The cave has many multifarious queer-looking scenic spots divided into sectors like Kwanmun(gateway), Phokpho(waterfalls), Surim(forest), Paekhwa(all sorts of flowers) and so on. Their mysterious and ecstatic sceneries evoke the admiration of visitors.

The Songam Cave is associated with the sacred feats of Chairman Kim Jong Il who devoted his all to the people, regarding them as his Heaven.

The Songam Cave is, indeed, a pride of our beautiful country.

Originally published in Rodong Sinmun –