Servicepersons Perform Heroic Feats in Projects of Renovating Parks and Face-lifting Rivers in Pyongyang

[nggallery id=61]The Korean Central News Agency released a detailed report on Nov. 17 about the heroic feats performed by servicepersons of the Korean People’s Army in the projects of renovating parks and face-lifting rivers in Pyongyang.

According to it, servicepersons created a heroic epic of bringing about a new prosperity of Pyongyang through the drive of sprucing it up into a worldwide city and a center of Songun culture in the revolutionary soldier spirit and with matchless patriotic dedication for recent 40 odd days, true to the noble outlook of Supreme Commander Marshal Kim Jong Un on the country and the people.

They gave full play to the spirit of devotedly implementing the orders of the supreme commander in the project of improving the bank of Hapjang River.

They removed over 280 000 cubic meters of mud and repaired and washed the retaining walls of 18 000 square meters and rearranged the area covering more than 250 000 square meters and planted turf there, repaired and painted floodgates, bridges and intakes and completed all other tasks in just six days.

They fully displayed the militant spirit of the revolutionary army in the project of improving the bank of Pothong River.

They finished the project of face-lifting Pothong River including dredging and delivering of more than 800 000 cubic meters of sludge, laying of more than 32 000 square meters of retaining walls, arrangement of at least 90 000 square meters of the area and creating of woodland and greenery there in a matter of nine days.

During the project they repaired more than 70 resting places, 20 odd buildings and hundreds of meters of fences and planted trees and arranged the area qualitatively.

They repaired the areas around revolutionary monuments, produced thousands of sidewalk blocks and covered with them a park, promenade and spring in Ryonghung area and released fry in the river.

In the wake of finishing the dredging of Pothong River and the improvement of its bank they entered the drive of renovating parks in Pyongyang.

At the Puksae Park they arranged the area in a day and built the highest-level park on the vacant land in over 20 days.

16 000 cubic meters of earth were dug out, the ground level was raised, pavement blocks laid, turf and trees planted and the skate park and general sports ground built at the Sanghung Children’s Park in a matter of some days.

At the Taedongmun Park servicepersons gave priority to the provision of building materials including sand mixed with gravel and cement and pushed forward the pavement of 300 odd square meters of concrete and coal-tar and the work for setting up dozens of sports and amusement facilities in a three-dimensional way and by the finish-one-by-one method.

Thanks to their devoted efforts five sports grounds and two auxiliary buildings were built, various kinds of benches set up and thousands of square meters of the area were greened at the Pothonggang Park.

The Thapje and Chongryu parks covering more than 15 000 square meters have been successfully renovated.

Hundreds of meters of fences were laid and 21 building tasks were carried out in ten days and 4 400 square meters of roadway blocks were laid and 16 sports grounds were paved with concrete and areas arranged in a week.

Servicepersons spruced up the Ryonmot Park which amounts to 30 percent of all the park project area in Pyongyang, and the Samma and West Pyongyang parks equipped with service facilities.

The Ryugyong Park in which 3 000 square meters of turf were planted in two days and the Kumransom Park are associated with the feats of the servicepersons determined to provide the people with better cultural and resting places.

They created woodland and greenery, built volleyball, basketball and badminton courts and skate parks and other dozens of sports grounds and set up more than one hundred of amusement and fitness facilities in 18 parks in Pyongyang in just 25 days.