Real Farmer at Kumdae Plain

Ho Chun Gum, after graduation from Pyongyang University of Agriculture in Juche 85 (1996), worked as a technical consultant and then became its chief engineer and chairwoman of the management board of the Kumdae Cooperative Farm in Rangnang District, Pyongyang.

She started her career as a farmer with a determination to do farm well by following the footsteps of her parents who had engaged in farming throughout their life, but it was not easy.

She got familiar with all the fields covering hundreds of hectares and always found herself in the fields, actively introducing advanced farming techniques and methods and taking the lead in the work.

Saying that a good farmer does not complain of bad land and good farming depends on a farmer’s mindset, she directed great efforts to making full preparations for farming and improving low-yielding land, and ensured that all farm work was conducted in a scientific way according to procedures so as to steadily increase crop yields every year despite unfavourable weather and climatic conditions.

As a result, she has made a contribution to the agricultural production of the country, made her farmers get large shares and built up the material and technological foundation of the farm.

Her father used to say: “Love the land. When you devote yourself for it, it will produce a bumper crop.”

She regards her father’s favourite phrase as the motto in her work.

She is a deputy to the Pyongyang Municipal People’s Assembly and a meritorious person of socialist patriotism.