Pinus Densiflora in Hamjin-ri

The tree stands in Hamjin-ri, Myonggan County, North Hamgyong Province. Unlike pine trees in other regions, it grows on brown forest soil formed on basaltic layer. It is 4.5 metres tall, 2 metres round at the root neck and 1.55 metres round at the chest. Its crown is 8 metres wide from east to west and 10 metres from north to south. Six boughs come out in whorls at the height of 1.5 metres, spreading curiously to look like the cap of a mushroom on the top. Its needles are shorter than other pine needles. The tree has pinecone but no pine-seed, so it cannot propagate itself. It is a natural monument which is significant in studying its ecological features for its rare shape and peculiar cone.