National customs of February.

In February there are two ephemeris of the year which are Ripchun and Usu.

Ripchun means the beginning of spring and this year falls on February 3 according to the solar calendar.

Since ancient times, on this day Koreans fix the interior and exterior of their houses and paste in various places the letters that say: “Suyosan Puyohae” (May he lead a long and rich life like the mountains and the sea), “Ripchundaegil Konyangdagyong” (In the spring happiness comes and there are many parties in each season), etc.

They smell the scent of spring by eating various foods like chives grown in the basement.

Usu implies the period when the spring rain begins to fall. This year it falls on February 18 on the solar calendar.

There is a saying: “In Usu and Kyongchip the frozen water of the Taedong River melts.” In this season the temperature of the earth’s surface in all parts of the country, except the northern alpine regions, rises to more than 0 C, and the thaw begins.

The peasants store thawed water in the ponds and rush to make preparations for the agricultural tasks.

During this season, various folkloric games such as rope wrestling, yut, seesaw, kite and sled are performed.