Moranbong Band Continues New Year Performance

Moranbong Band Continues New Year Performance

A New Year performance “Following the Party to the End” is being continuously given with splendor by the Moranbong Band in Pyongyang, instilling confidence in the final victory into the servicepersons and people greeting the New Year.

The venue of the performance was full of excited audience who received the historic New Year Address made by the dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un, great brilliant commander of Mt. Paektu, with immense pride of successfully launching a satellite under his leadership.

Among the audience were officials of the fields of science and technology including the State Academy of Sciences, teachers and researchers of educational institutions including Kim Il Sung Military University and Kim Il Sung Political University, officials of ministries and national institutions and Pyongyangites.

The performance began with the National Anthem. Put on the stage were colorful pieces including female chorus “The Glorious Motherland”, light music and song “May Snow Fall on New Year’s Day” and light music and serial songs “Songs Looking up to the General”.

The feelings of strong yearning for the peerlessly great men pervaded the auditorium whenever their benevolent images were shown on the background.

The audience admired the refined artistic representation, active performing that led to natural combination of the performers and the audience, grand and rich sound, beautiful stage decoration and peculiar lighting.

The performance ended with the epilogue “May Snow Fall on New Year’s Day” amid cheers by the audience.

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