Korea Chamber of Commerce

The Korea Chamber of Commerce (KCC) is a non-governmental, standing trade and investment promotion organ. Its mission is to provide exchange and cooperation to domestic trading companies and enterprises in touch with foreign or regional chambers of commerce and trade or investment promotion bodies, and to represent and protect their interests at home and abroad.It concludes agreements for economic cooperation and exchange with relevant international bodies and foreign chambers of commerce and trade promotion groups, and issues certifications for trading activities.It spreads to its members the contents of international customs and usage and agreements, including the regulations on international commercial terms, and organizes an exposition, exhibition, consultation, etc.It links commercial ties for trade and investment between local institutions, enterprises and bodies with foreign bodies, enterprises and individuals, and provides consultative service concerning such problems as introduction of exports, patents and trademarks, construction of export bases, opening of marketing, exchange of goods, attraction of investment, etc.It also stands proxy for registering patents and trademarks with relevant institutions of the DPRK or a foreign country, according to the application of the owner of a patent or a trademark.In 2019, the KCC introduced the trade and investment policies and environment of the DRPK to delegations from Russia, China and other countries and discussed the issue of cooperation in the sectors of trade, investment and technical exchange between businesses.The KCC will continue to keep close ties with the International Chamber of Commerce and its counterparts in other countries so as to render great services for the economy-related institutions and trading companies of the country to conduct external economic cooperation and technical exchange and business activities in a proactive and multifaceted way.
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