Kim Jong Un Provides Field Guidance to Ryongmun Liquor Factory

Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, first chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK and supreme commander of the Korean People’s Army, provided field guidance to the Ryongmun Liquor Factory.

Commanding a bird’s-eye view of the production buildings and compound nestled in a valley surrounded by high mountains with a broad smile on his face, Kim Jong Un said the longer he watched them, the more clean and neat they looked. He added he might rest assured of the quality of foodstuff when he looked at them only from outside as the face is the index of the heart.

Recalling the Ryongmun Liquor Factory was built on the personal initiative of leader Kim Jong Il who instructed the KPA to build and operate a modern liquor factory conducive to the development of the nation’s food industry, he proposed erecting in the compound of the factory a mosaic depicting Kim Jong Il looking at foodstuff and personally chose its site.

Kim Jong Un went round various places of the factory including the process for filtering water, liquor production and packing processes and a depot to learn in detail about production and modernization.

He said:

“I am pleased to see the factory filtering spring water well before using it for liquor production to thoroughly ensure the quality of liquor as it remains unchanged in all seasons in terms of quantity and physical and chemical properties”.

Watching piles of products at the liquor depot, he said such a fantastic scene would have been unthinkable without keeping the production going at a high rate.

At the room for the display of products, he saw an analysis diagram estimating the quality of Ryongmun liquor in comparison with other liquor before acquainting himself with the alcoholic strength, volume and quality of various liquor products of the factory.

Looking at the brand of Ryongmun liquor, he was pleased that the factory excellently designed it to meet the flavor and taste of the Korean people as he had stressed the importance of successfully designing it during his visit to the factory last year.

He instructed the factory not to rest content with the successes already made but to develop the Ryongmun liquor as a famous one representing the DPRK by realizing the automation of production processes at a higher level and further improving the quality of products.

He was accompanied by KPA Vice Marshal Hwang Pyong So, director of the General Political Bureau of the KPA, KPA Col. General So Hong Chan, first vice-minister of the People’s Armed Forces, and Han Kwang Sang, department director of the Central Committee of the WPK.