Inventors’ Class, Pride of University

There is a well-known inventors´ class at the Pyongyang Medical College under Kim Il Sung University. It is class F of the 6th grade of the First Clinical Faculty. The 11 students of the class were awarded more than 30 certificates including certificates of inventions, certificates of technical findings and software works.  When they entered the university 6 years ago, their teacher told them:

“Aim high. Each of you should solve a problem waiting for solution in your field during the university days.”

Listening to the teacher, their hearts swelled with an ambition to become talents contributing to the prosperity of the country. They had firm foundation as they were well educated at talents training centres. And their teacher encouraged and supported them to achieve their high goals. They directed efforts not only to their majors but also to the study of foreign languages and computer. They mastered more than two foreign languages and reading foreign originals, widened their knowledge and prepared themselves as programming experts.
Of them, Ri Ui Jong was more enthusiastic than others. He had served in the army. He concentrated his enthusiasm on study in the spirit of his military service days.

Ro Hyok Song says:

“While studying at the university, I was surprised with Ri´s ardor for study many a time. He would always carry a book in his hand and sit up many nights reading. I think it is a fruition of his passion that now he has become an honor student well known to the whole of the country.”

Jong Su Yong says:

“Ri Ui Jong has always led the class to fully display collectivism with united strength. I have been studying together with him for 6 years. During those days my classmates and I learned that there is nothing we cannot do when we fully display collectivism.”

Student Ri Ui Jong´s fervent spirit of inquiry and example were the mirror of the classmates. They helped and led each other forward and opened wings of pursuit. Especially the Hypothetical and Conception Contest held every year was good occasion for them. Everybody presented new and unique hypotheses and conceptions by fully displaying their knowledge and talents and those hypotheses and conceptions resulted in inventions under collective discussions.

More than 30 certificates of inventions of the class are a fruition of such collective efforts. In March last year, they were awarded the Student Scientific Pursuit Prize which is conferred on students who distinguish themselves in study and scientific research activities. The entire university congratulated them who were awarded Student Scientific Pursuit Prize.

With the pride of a class of inventors and class of Student Scientific Pursuit Prize winners, they enjoyed skiing at the Masikryong Ski Resort in February last. Now the mountains and fields are green, but they do not forget the snow on the Masik Pass. They always remember the benefits of the socialist system they felt more warmly on the Masik Pass. They are more firmly determined to glorify the country with science and technology.

Ri Ui Jong has this to say:

“I will study harder with the confidence that I will distinguish myself in the medical society of the world. I will prepare myself as a telent necessary for the country and lead the 10 classmates as well to be the same.”