Interviews: Alejandro Cao de Benos.

‘The North Korean regime has gradually lost public support in China. How are the relations between the two countries?

Trade relations are good, but the political and economic systems are very different. China is bound to follow the orders of the international market as a capitalist country that is, it makes the one hand have to meet US imposing on sanctions but on the other does not care that the American empire further spread in Asia, close to its borders. – To what extent reunification is possible if we consider the meetings that have taken place between the two Koreas?

It is entirely feasible under the confederative principle: A government, two systems. It just takes that Seoul has a progressive party, who thinks for himself and no longer subservient to the US And two treaties were signed and reunification is possible as US troops leave the peninsula.

– What was billed as hydrogen bomb appears, according to experts, it was less than reported by the regime and Kim Jong-un. What is the truth in these rumors? Is it true that North Korea has the high technology?

The capitalists and their propaganda media always do the same. On the one hand trying Korea ningunear any progress demonstrating its military capability and scientific validity of the socialist system. Furthermore they complain that Korea has intercontinental missiles and nuclear deterrence potential. This is the fourth and last test repeated this same tactic. Isotope analysis will reveal the reality, but should be aware of the independent scientific analysis to be published.

– The TTP has been signed recently close ties with major economies like Japan. What opportunities does North Korea grow before this hegemonic bloc led by the United States?

We are under total sanctions from the US and Japan. The DPRK will grow on its own and not in a liberal capitalist market only it causes loss of national sovereignty, slavery and inequality.

– Contacts between Cuba and the US are extensible in the near future, to North Korea?

No, if they involve a waiver of the socialist economic system. We are always willing to establish relations with the US as long as we are treated as equals, not impositions.

– The fact that North Korea possesses a central bank be nationalized and control issue its own currency makes him a target of the global elite? What bothers North Korea to global elites that this nation is considered as a danger?

Any independent country is not tolerated because it can think and decide for yourself. Large oligarchies seek to control the world economy and if someone gets out of its parameters is dangerous because it could be imitated by others. The mere thought that domestic remedies must first be allocated to the people themselves, and not a speculative international market, is not liked by predatory multinational.

– Despite the embargo and economic blockade North Korea is growing economically. How do you lift the blockade and to prevent foreign loans financed? Korea Is completely self-sufficient or have the need to import as it gets currencies to import?

Korea needs to import that does not produce itself. The key is to create domestic industry paulativamente replace the product imported by national. We export minerals, heavy industry and textiles, which obtain foreign currency that allows us to pay in dollars or euros.
The capitalist system is corrupt by nature, so that while there is blocking, when a businessman interested in buying cheaper or export your product finds the correct triangulation to ignore the decisions of their servile governments. At the end of the day, the US they will not pay the bills of small and medium businesses.

‘What was significant about Korean society values?

Honor, respect, discipline and humility.

, Despite being a communist regime, the Juche idea has very peculiar influences. What differentiates the Juche idea of ​​traditional Marxism?

The main difference between Juche and traditional Marxism would be the incorporation of national, cultural and spiritual elements within the ideology. Also the figure of the leader and the monolithic unity as an essential element for the revolutionary victory.

-In Terms of energy self-sufficiency Korea Is or has gaps as in the past? North does Korea develops nuclear energy only for civilian or military purposes?

Not yet. There is a 15% energy deficiency in large cities. Nuclear power plants are being built in parallel with electricity generation for large hydro. great importance to alternative energies is given. Already cooperative farms operated geothermal, solar and wind power.

-In The last great famine caused by crop failure to the people directly affected, a fact that was used against Korean regime. What can you tell us about this? Is Korea self-sufficient in food product?

It has drastically reduced grain imports because step by step is achieved multiplying the national production per hectare. But still it has not achieved food self-sufficiency because it also depends on the energy self-sufficiency. We’re on it, for example today are opening more farms to feed cow’s milk and derivatives to the population. So far there were only soy.

-Europe Suffers from a large wave of immigration, many European left parties advocate open borders and regulate immigration. How is immigration policy in Korea?

That is unthinkable in Korea. The borders are protected militarily and immigration must always be legal and authorized.

Is it possible to obtain Korean nationality easily?

No. reasons, especially an ongoing relationship with the country should exist.

– Illegal immigration is punished, in what way?

By immediate arrest. Depending on the motivations of illegal entry, the citizen can be immediately returned to the country of origin. If illegal entry involves resisting arrest or any other crime, there will probably trial and punishment of forced labor.

– Can apply for political asylum in Korea? Korea Would you be willing to accept refugees from Syria and Iraq?

Yes, but asylum must be justified and rarely occurs.
No, Korea accepts no massive refugee in any nation, in any case allow the establishment of humanitarian zones for temporary asylum at the border. Refugees from Iraq and Syria should go directly to the US, which are the ones who bombed their homes and provided the weapons used today Islamic terrorism.

– A Korean society, would you accept mass immigration and multiculturalism?

No. That would create chaos, loss of identity and social confrontation. Immigration should be orderly and legal. And who immigrates must respect and follow the law and culture of the host country not impose yours on the rest of the population.

Is not it a contradiction that European left parties, which are declared as anti globalists, defend mass immigration and multicultural societies?

It is a drift that has already begun Trotsky and now has degenerated into a kind of hippie left accommodated in the bourgeois-capitalist system and only intention is ‘look good’ and settle into the job.

Today nobody dares to say you think that could be ‘politically incorrect’ and this creates social tension and repressed end up exploding Hitler took advantage well for its racist purpose. Those who defend the massive illegal immigration should accommodate all the people in their home first, we would soon endure.

Yesterday a friend of Tarragona told me how he met an old friend not seen for 20 years. He was sleeping on the street shivering, so he tried to seek accommodation. After the rejection of social services because they already gave him 15 days of bed, he walked for several squatter houses to see if they gave him shelter in one of the many rooms full of dirt.

Well, successive squatters rejected accommodate you in ‘their property’ because they do not want anyone to bother them. At the end an evangelist pastor offered a bed for 7 days to change to go to worship. The behavior of these so-called ‘anti’ or ‘radical leftist’ exemplifies what I mean.

How you would solve a system of the Korean problem has been Germany with the rape by the “refugees”?

With immediate arrest, trial, and 20 years of forced labor for each violation.

– Is there Korean religious freedom?

Yes there is religious freedom, but always within the existing religions in the peninsula, which is Christianity, both Protestant and Catholic, Buddhism and Chondoism. One can freely practice those religions, but it is true we do not allow proselytizing there is no conflict to eliminate such social harmony we enjoy in Korea, and new religions are not allowed.

– Do you agree that the refugee crisis is a plan designed by the elite to destabilize Europe?

No. It is a consequence of the invasion of other sovereign nations to control and theft of their resources. They are so obsessed with money that did not even think about the consequences of razing and invade Iraq, Libya or Syria. European countries who lick the boots to the US deserve what is happening to them as a direct consequence of imperialist participation.

– What about as we supposedly revolutionary parties?

That they have nothing revolutionary. Anyone can read the ideas of then and now see the reality. They are more than a match continues to play the system and those who called ‘caste’ (which will now be co-legislature).

– Can It can the solution to the crisis?

No. perpetuates with purple makeup. And what is worse, he has let a lot of people, so that makes them a disservice to those of the revolutionary left. In the future it will be more difficult to convince the disappointed citizen.

– Are we a match is controlled dissent to channel popular discontent and the masses of angry?

I do not think the party is ‘made’ by the capitalist power, but certainly fulfills those functions. – What do you think in general of the European left?

It is not left, is a part of the capitalist system.

– As a Catalan, how about the independence process initiated by Artur Mas?

Ridiculous and opportunistic. If all the time and money for corruption and separation from Spain had been used to improve the social situation, Catalonia and Switzerland would be announced.
All the time devoted to independence is lost socialist revolution.

The revolution comprises a united important popular base. So there was the USSR or Yugoslavia, socialist nations together with hundreds of nationalities, dozens of religions and lived together in harmony fighting for a more equitable and humane society. With the disappearance of socialism came terrorism and civil war. Those countries brought together by an ideal, eventually murdering.

– What do you think of the agreement between the US and Iran and that the US has lifted sanctions against the Persian country?

USA He has raised some sanctions to impose other in just 24 hours. It is a poisoned candy. The same that gave Gaddafi. As Iran is controlled and decommissioned, seek an excuse for invasion.

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