Indomitable Revolutionary Kim Chol Ju

Kim Chol Ju, younger brother of the great Kim Il Sung, was an ardent revolutionary fighter who devoted his life to the revolution.

Kim Chol Ju was born at Mangyongdae in Pyongyang on June 12, Juche 5 or 1916 when dark clouds hung heavily over the occupied country. He was the second son of father Kim Hyong Jik, an outstanding leader of the anti-Japanese national liberation movement of Korea, and mother Kang Pan Sok, an indomitable revolutionary fighter. He grew up under the patriotic and revolutionary influence of his parents. From his childhood he bitterly experienced the sorrow and misfortunes of the occupied nation and harbored burning hatred and spirit of resistance against the Japanese imperialists.

His father Kim Hyong Jik gave his last words to his sons that they should not forget that they are devoted to the country and nation and they should liberate the country though their bones are broken and bodies torn to pieces. He lost his father when he was very young. Too young. He was firmly determined to devote himself to the cause of Korea´s independence, wished so eagerly by his father.

Kim Chol Ju was an active member of the Saenal Children´s Union, the first revolutionary children´s organization of Korea, and embarked on the road of sacred revolutionary struggle as a young revolutionary. Afterwards, he joined the Young Communist League and conducted positive revolutionary activities.

His motto was:

I will dedicate youth on the road for the country, nation, and revolution!

He vigorously conducted activities in the Young Communist League as intended by the great Kim Il Sung and brought up many members of the league as soldiers of the Korean People´s Revolutionary Army representing his own wish to defeat the Japanese imperialists with rifle in hand. In hearty response to the line of Kim Il Sung on the anti-Japanese national united front, he instigated people of broad sections to the anti-Japanese struggle, lured Japanese imperialist punitive troops attacking the guerrilla zone elsewhere to save the people, and disarmed more than 30 enemy soldiers with a few pistols. Such stories about his boldness are widely known among the Korean people today, too. He skilfully did difficult work with Chinese nationalist anti-Japanese units of his own accord. His burning patriotism, uncommon wisdom and grit, well-reasoned and deft speech, flexible stratagem and unusual knowledge enabled him to make a great contribution to forming united front with the Chinese nationalist anti-Japanese units.

Kim Chol Ju devoted his all to the country and nation. He died a heroic death in an unexpected engagement with the enemy on June 14, Juche 24 or 1935. His life is short but remembered forever in the hearts of the Korean army and people as that of a genuine patriot and ardent revolutionary.

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