Greater Success for Public Health in North Korea (DPRK)

Healthcare DPRK

Greater successes have been made in public health of Korea this year. The cutting-edge telemedical service system has been established and the realm of its utility expanded.

Choe Suk Hyon, senior official of the Ministry of Public Health, referring to the Southeast Asian Regional Technical Consultation of the World Health Organization on Telemedical Service held in Pyongyang between the late July and early August this year, says:

“The participants in the technical consultation expressed admiration at the telemedical service system established even in remote mountain villages through not only consultation, but also visit to the hospitals of national, provincial and county levels. All the foreigners in the consultation unanimously said with admiration that the telemedical service system has been established on a nationwide scale rendering services not only to any specific section, but to the people across the country.

It renders services to the entire people free of charge, and huge telemedical service system project which requires a great deal of manpower, fund and technology has been splendidly carried out on a very high level at the shortest possible time. The participants said, they learned that it is quite different from the distorted propaganda of the western world and they would widely introduce Korea after returning home.”

As people in the air are not aware of its benefits, the Korean people do not know the huge fund invested by the state for the telemedical service. As man is valued most in the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea, great distance is shortened and love for him warmly reaches even the edge of the far-off regions.

Many hospitals including the Ryugyong Dental Hospital have been built on a modern basis and opened in October this year. For instance, the Ryugyong Dental Hospital has all conditions necessary for the medical service including universal dental treatment rooms, dental prosthesis room, dispensary and children´s dental department.

Ri Myong Chol, First Deputy Director of the Ryugyong Dental Hospital, has this to say:

“Many foreigners visited the hospital and said with admiration that it is excellent and such a hospital is unimaginable in their countries. They greatly admired that modern universal dental chairs, facilities for diagnosis and pharmaceuticals are used gratis for the people and especially, implantation which is very expensive in the world is offered to the people free of charge. And they praised the DPRK for its wonderful public health system. I am very proud of rendering dental medical services to the people under the excellent socialist public health system.”

Vitamin C Factory has been built this year and different kinds of medical equipment and efficient pharmaceuticals are made at home and used for treatment and prevention. Under such benefits, the Korean people are enjoying good health and longivity.

In August, centenarian women in mountain and lowland villages received birthday feast tables sent by respected Marshal Kim Jong Un.

“We serve the people!” This is the slogan of the Workers´ Party of Korea. The party, state and leader take care of the lives and health of the entire people with responsibility with the feelings of mother.”

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