Giving Precedence to Science and Technology

The Taedonggang Beer Brewery widely known for its famous beverage Taedonggang Beer is waging a brisk technical innovation drive to improve the quality of products and diversify the beverages.

The brewery ensures the proper operation of the sci-tech learning space to encourage its staff to possess a high level of scientific and technological knowledge while working.

Through the network connected to the Sci-Tech Complex, Kim Chaek University of Technology, Pyongyang University of Mechanical Engineering and Pyongyang Han Tok Su University of Light Industry many of its workers gain an access to modern science and technology. Thanks to their creative wisdom and efforts to apply the advanced sci-tech achievements into practice, several production lines of the brewery were reconstructed on a modern basis, the quality of the beverages improved and new kind of beer developed.

Its workers and technicians manufactured by their own efforts and technology a lot of machines and facilities conducive to the normalization of beer production. They increased the capacity of silos without additionally installing new machines, and flowlined the process of piling up boxes of bottled beer in good order.

The brewery also ensures the scientific composition of fermentable sugars and technical separation of yeast, core technologies in producing highly concentrated beer, so that such technical specifications of beer as generation of flavour, degrees of fermentation and foam, colour, bitterness, and acidity are guaranteed exactly.

Recently the brewery has developed a new range of beer with wheat as its main ingredient, and its unique taste is attracting favour from the people.

The officials, workers and technicians of the Taedonggang Beer Brewery are making devoted efforts to produce quality beer in larger amounts.

Thanks to their efforts, the Taedonggang Beer is gaining a growing popularity.