No Force Can Arrest Building of Thriving Socialist Nation in DPRK

The DPRK will shatter the moves of the U.S. imperialists to isolate and stifle it and surely build a thriving socialist nation by dint of great Songun.

Much upset by the might and spirit of the DPRK towering high in the world, unfazed by any pressure and blackmail, the U.S. authorities are becoming so foolish as to work hard to bring down the DPRK at any cost by leaving all means and methods untried.

The U.S. is focusing its political and military efforts on the Korean Peninsula and the rest of Northeast Asia, pursuant to its pivot-to-Asia-Pacific strategy.

It is the strategic calculation of the U.S. authorities that when they dominate the whole of the Korean Peninsula, they can contain China and Russia and thus make a decisive breakthrough towards realizing their pivot-to-Asia-Pacific strategy and ambition for world hegemony.

The U.S. has gone to extremes in its moves to lay a siege to the DPRK from all sides by plugging neighboring countries and its followers into the scenario with all sorts of honeyed words and pressure and to isolate and stifle the DPRK under the pretext of the “nuclear issue” and “human rights issue” in the international arena.

The “human rights issue” of the DPRK touted by the U.S. these days is nothing but sophism of those defeated to tarnish the image of the DPRK in the international arena as they found it hard to stifle the DPRK militarily and economically.

What should not be overlooked is that the U.S. is further escalating its military threat and blackmail against socialist Korea.

The day is drawing nearer when the U.S. will have to bend its knees before the great people more transparent in their anti-imperialist independent stand and stronger in their revolutionary principle, fighting spirit and will than any other country.