Dried Yeast Introduced across the Country

The Pyongyang Wheat Flour Processing Factory has established a dried yeast production process to turn out various kinds of foodstuffs.

The previous yeast used by the factory caused not a few unreasonable points in production, storage, use and transport.

So the factory decided to newly set up a dried yeast production process to meet its actual conditions. What was important was to find sugar necessary for yeast fungus production.

Sugar cane and powdered sugar are still used as feed for yeast fungus worldwide. This, however, did not suit the conditions of the factory.

In the process of searching for a new source of yeast material, they succeeded in separating sugar from wheat flour available in the factory.

They thus established the dried yeast production process and started to produce delicious breads by means of the yeast they produced by themselves.

Then, the yeast began to be gradually introduced into other foodstuff factories across the country.

Dr. Han Tong Chol, general manager of the factory, said, “Seeing that the yeast production process bears fruit, the employees unanimously say that their own is the best. We will produce much more foodstuffs preferred by the people.”