DPRK on U.S. Racial Discrimination

Missouri State judicial authorities of the U.S. recently decided not to indict a white policeman who shot a young black man to death in Ferguson City in August.

This clearly shows that the U.S. trumpeting about “protection of human rights” and “equality for all” is no more than human rights tundra and the worst country torn with racial discrimination.

Racial discrimination has reached a systematic and wide-ranging and extremely grave phase in the U.S.

The blacks in the U.S. are deprived of political rights and subject to poverty, maltreatment and contempt and seized with fear of being shot to death any time.

Ceaseless shooting sprees against them are hideous human rights abuses caused by the U.S. authorities.

They are beaten and fall victim to the arbitrary practices of policemen in broad daylight at the tacit connivance of the authorities.

Demonstrations protesting against the racial discrimination policy of the authorities have been staged in more than 170 cities across the U.S. with the case in Ferguson City as a momentum. Against this backdrop a policeman shot a young black man to death in other city. These atrocities are a black hunt of modern version from A to Z.

In dealing with murder cases caused by the excessive use of force, most of the policemen involved in those crimes are allowed to go unpunished.

Obama, a black man who came to power for raising the settlement of issue of racial inequality as his election commitment, let loose a spate of irresponsible remarks that the U.S. is a country built by law and it is necessary to accept the decision of the judicial authorities. This goes to prove that the racial discrimination policy will never change in the U.S. styling itself a “human rights protector” no matter how frequently its president is replaced by another.

The incident in Ferguson City is making a rupture in “proactive human rights diplomacy” of the U.S. which is putting forward as its main diplomatic goal to “spread the view on human rights and democracy.”

On Nov. 28 the UN Anti-Torture Committee called for thorough investigation into excessive counteraction of the police against minorities and abuse of power.

It is quite natural that the serious issue of racial discrimination in the U.S. draws public criticism in the international arena.

However, the U.S. government is refusing to take any countermeasure against racial discrimination such as the incident in Ferguson City.

Such incident will never be stopped in the U.S. as its human rights system is beset with serious problems and racial discrimination is deeply rooted in its society.

The great irony is that the U.S. dares brand those countries preserving the system and political mode peculiar to them as “human rights abusers”, forgetting its awkward position as the worst human rights abuser and kingpin of racial discrimination.

The U.S. had better honestly lend its ear to the international community’s criticism and settle its own human rights issue.