Delegates to Celebrations of Youth Day Visit Mangyongdae and Martyrs′ Cemetery

[imagebrowser id=16]Delegates to the celebrations of Youth Day visited Mangyongdae, the birthplace of President Kim Il Sung. They put bunches of flowers before the graves of Kim Po Hyon and Ri Po Ik, grandparents of the President, and Kim Hyong Jik and Kang Pan Sok, his parents, in Mangyongdae and paid silent tribute to them.

They went to the Mangyongdae Revolutionary Museum to go round historic relics and materials, looking back on the patriotic and revolutionary life of the President and his family members in Mangyongdae who devoted their all to the country and the people. Then they moved to the old home where they looked round historic relics showing the noble traits of the President and his family members in Mangyongdae.

Their next stop was the Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery on Mt. Taesong. They placed bouquets before the bust of Kim Jong Suk, anti-Japanese war hero, and paid tribute to her. They observed a moment’s silence in memory of anti-Japanese revolutionary martyrs who devoted their all to the sacred struggle for the liberation of the country and freedom and happiness of the people. They looked around the busts of anti-Japanese revolutionary martyrs.