Decorative Illuminations Add Beauty to Nocturnal Scenes of the Country

The Songyong Decorative Illuminations Institute engages in making sci-tech studies of decorative illuminations and providing technical services to this end.

In the past, it has decorated a large number of structures built in different parts of the country, enriching its experience.

It made its first step in decorating the Grand People’s Study House with illuminations. Since then, it has designed the illuminations of many streets and buildings such as the Sci-Tech Complex, Ryomyong Street, Mirae Scientists Street and Samjiyon City and put it into practice.

The unique decorative illuminations with diverse styles and contents reflect national sentiments and the aspiration of the time by organically combining various lighting devices such as floodlights. People are fascinated by their elegance and beauty.

At present, its researchers make efforts to develop lifelike illumination simulation programs and produce new kinds of illuminations by introducing solar lightings and oversize poster rhythmic control device.

The institute was established in June Juche 96 (2007).