A Clean Marine Environment

Korea, a maritime country, attaches an importance to marine environmental protection as an important affair for the prosperity of the country and the well-being of the people and is consistent in its effort to this end.

The Marine Environmental Protection Centre was set up in September Juche 100 (2011), with the purpose of exercising unified control and management of the environmental conservation for beautiful seas.

In the past years the centre organized and conducted various undertakings aimed at prompt removal of pollution caused by vessels in the territorial waters and rivers as well as rehabilitation of polluted areas, thus making a contribution to marine environment protection.

Based on its ideal, “clean environment & prompt response,” it makes it its regular habit to conduct simulations to cope with the oil pollution according to the national emergency plan for preventing oil pollution in the territorial waters, rivers and streams.

When a foreign vessel foundered off the coast at Jasan-ri, Thongchon County, Kangwon Province, in December 2011, the centre adopted prompt countermeasures for oil pollution. It coped with oil leakage accidents at sea on several other occasions, thereby minimizing damages from pollution.

It is noteworthy that the centre directs efforts to developing facilities for treating contaminated materials leaked from shipping vessels.

It makes an analysis of whether the materials either discharged from or used at the vessels going in and out to the waters and ports of the country attain relevant standards while conducting evaluation of influence on environment by vessels and its monitoring.

It is bolstering cooperation with international organizations and non-governmental organizations involved in marine environmental protection.