Old People Lead a Happy Life

The old people are leading a pleasant and optimistic life in the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea.

Their daily routine begins with light exercises such as walking along the promenades with grandchildren or doing morning exercises.

Old people are seen having heated arguments on international and national sports games in the beautiful parks and on the riverbanks and some are found fishing with angling rods on the water.

Some are playing the Korean chess and Yut game in the parks and resting places in streets and villages while others are reading under the cool shade. Their life is more conspicuous and pleasant on holidays and Sundays. They dance beating drums and Janggu and enthusiastically cheer up players, seeing the games in the wonderful sports parks. Their optimistic life does not come of its own accord. They are enjoying a pleasant and happy life under good mental and physical conditions thanks to the policy of the Workers´ Party of Korea and the state that take special care of the old people. The old people are respected and treated preferentially in the society and families and the number of macrobians increases. The state registers those greeting 90th birthdays as macrobians, pays special concern to their health and gives birthday feast tables to the macrobians at the age of 100 and above. It also organizes associations of aged meritorious persons, enabling them to do useful work for the nation and society making a good use of their expertise, technology and rich experiences.

Hwang Chol Ho, Department Director of the Central Committee of the Federation for the Care of the Elderly of Korea, has this to say:

Protection of the elderly is done under the great concern of the state and society. The Federation for the Care of the Elderly of Korea was formed in April 2003 and is conducting activities. And the ´DPRK Law on the Care of the Elderly´ was adopted in April 2007. The Federation conducts various activities to provide the elderly with convenience and living surroundings and create a social atmosphere for them. It also makes positive efforts to have close contact and cooperation with relevant international organizations concerning the issues on the aging of population and the care of the elderly.

The living conditions of the elderly will be better in the future under the policy of the WPK and the state.

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