DPRK Premier Makes Field Survey of Construction of Stockbreeding Base in Sepho Area

DPRK Premier Pak Pong Ju made a field survey of the construction of a stockbreeding base in Sepho area.

Going round the created pasture and buildings, he learned in detail about the construction and encouraged the builders.

He convened a consultative meeting of officials of the Cabinet, ministries and national institutions on the spot.

The meeting reviewed the construction of the base and discussed the measures to put spurs to the projected construction and push ahead with the preparations for its operation at the same time.

Measures were taken for the Cabinet, ministries and national institutions to supply building and other materials on time in line with the construction plan and to ensure the procurement of livestock of superior strains and veterinary and anti-epizootic work.

Pak called on officials to increase their responsibility and role in the construction of the base, saying it is an important work to translate into reality the noble desire of President Kim Il Sung, leader Kim Jong Il and Marshal Kim Jong Un to improve the people’s diet.