The Juche Idea
The Juche Idea

The Juche Idea means, in a few words, that the owner of the revolution and construction are the masses. – Eternal Leader, Kim Il Sung. To learn more about Juche, please click the article sections below.

Korea is blessed with a great idea which enjoys unanimous support and sympathy from the world progressives. It is the immortal Juche idea fathered by President Kim Il Sung. The Juche idea, based on the philosophical principle that man is the master of everything and decides everything, convinces the popular masses that one is responsible for one’s own destiny and shows them a correct way of carving out their own destiny by themselves.

The Juche idea has fully proved its validity and vitality through over half a century of the Korean revolution and the world revolutionary people’s anti-imperialist struggle for independence. This is why the Juche idea has been recognized as the main idea of the present era. Many people of the world are striving to build a new prosperous society free from all kinds of domination and subordination, taking the Juche idea as their guiding idea.

The Juche idea, which strongly propels the advance of the era of independence, has been developed in depth by leader Kim Jong Il’s outstanding ideological and theoretical activities.  Credit to

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Juche Idea Course

Philosophical Principles


Socio-Historical Principles


  1. Society is the Collective in which People Live and Act
  2. Political, Economic, Ideological and Cultural Life is the Main Field of Social Life
  3. The Character of Society is Decided by Relations of Property over State Power and Means of Production
  4. The Masses of the People Are the Subject of Social History
  5. Leader Makes the People Independent Subject of History
  6. Socio-Historical Movement is the Independent Movement of the Popular Masses
  7. Society Develops with the Intensification of the People’s Struggle for Independence
  8. The Socio-Historical Movement is a Creative Movement of the Popular Masses
  9. Society Develops with the Development of Creative Role of the Popular Masses
  10. The Socio-Historical Movement Is a Conscious Movement of the Popular Masses
  11.  The Revolutionary Movement Is Propelled by the Decisive Role of Ideological Consciousness of Independence of the Masses

Guiding Principles


  1. The Independent Stand Must Be Maintained
  2. It is Necessary to Establish Juche in Ideology
  3. The Way of Establishing Juche in Ideology
  4. It is Necessary to Keep the Principle of Independence in Politics
  5. The Correct Way to Political Independence
  6. It is Necessary to Ensure Economic Self-sufficiency
  7. True Way to Economic Self-sufficiency
  8. It is Necessary to Keep the Principle of Self-reliance in Defense
  9. True Way to Self-defensive Military Power
  10. Creative Method Should be Applied
  11. It is Necessary to Depend on the People
  12. Methods Suitable to the Actual Situation
  13. The Main Stress Should be Placed on Ideology
  14. Giving Priority to Ideological Remoulding
  15. Giving Precedence to Political Work

Q&A on the Juche Idea

  1. What are the Characteristics of the Juche Idea?
  2. What Demand of the Times Does the Juche Idea Reflect?
  3. What is the Ideological and Mental Source of the Juche Idea and its Premise?
  4. What Meaning Does the Term ‘Subject’ Contain?
  5. What is the Criterion for Defining the Present Era as the Juche Age?
  6. What is the Fundamental Question of Philosophy Newly Raised by the Juche Idea?
  7. What is the Philosophical Principle of the Juche Idea?
  8. What is the Reason Why Man is a Social Being?
  9. What is Independence?
  10. Why is the Juche Idea Called the Idea of “Believing in the People as in Heaven”?
  11. Why does the Juche Idea become the Supreme Humanitarianism?
  12. What Does it Mean that Man’s Independence, Creativity, and Consciousness are Social Attributes?
  13. What is the Correlation between Independence and Independent Demand?
  14. How Should We Understand the Term ‘Social Being’ Since it is Used as the Particular Meaning that Defines the Essential Qualities of Man?
  15. What Does it Mean that Independence is the Characteristic of a Social Man?
  16. What Does it Mean that Independence is the Life and Soul of Man?
  17. What is Creativity?
  18. What is the Correlation between Creativity and Creative Power?
  19. What is Consciousness?
  20. Can we see the Consciousness as the same as the Conscious?
  21. How are Independence, Creativity, and Consciousness Related With Each Other?
  22. How Do Independence, Creativity, and Consciousness Take Shape and Develop?
  23. How Does the Juche idea Consider the Concept of the Popular Masses?
  24. How Did the DPRK Carry Out the Agricultural Cooperativization?
  25. Teachers in Korea After Liberation
  26. What is the Interrelationship Between the Juche Idea and Marxism-Leninism and What is the View of the Juche Idea on Marxism?
  27. What is the Juche View on the World?
  28. What is the Law of Domination, Transformation, and Development of the World by Man?
  29. What is the Juche-Oriented Viewpoint and Attitude Towards the World?
  30. What is the Basic Requirement in Approaching the World from the Viewpoint of Man’s Interests?