What is the Criterion for Defining the Present Era as the Juche Age?

This is the definition of age made on the basis of working people’s position and role.

Leader Kim Jong Il said:

This is the great age of Juche. The Juche age is a new historical era when the popular masses have emerged as masters of the world and are shaping their own destiny independently and creatively.

Up to now, dividing every period and stage of the development of human history according to the kinds of socio-economic system was known as the general and universal method of dividing age. For example, the definition of the ages like primitive, slave, feudal, capitalist and socialist age is the definition based on such methods. This has positive significance since it enables to understand the lawful stages of socio-economic development correctly.

However, since the definition of the age is aimed to accelerate the forward movement, it should clarify the fundamental requirements of the age and the characteristics of the subject who is in charge of it.

The requirement of the era is that of the popular masses, the subject of socio-historical movement. Neither social movement itself nor historical development can be existed without the popular masses. What the popular masses need and how to realize their needs are closely related with their positions and roles played in the historical arena. That what the working people demand and how they realize it depend on what positions they take and what roles they play in the historical arena. Therefore, that the popular masses defines the era on the basis of their positions and roles in the historical arena is the basic guarantee to inspire them to create history consciously by correctly understanding the fighting tasks and their positions and roles.

The definition of Juche era is an original definition of the era on the basis of the positions and roles played in the historical arena as masters centering on the popular masses, and the revolutionary and scientific definition that enables to accelerate the forward movement of the era.