Zelkova of Sokdam

An old zelkova stands at Sokdamgugok, a scenic spot in Pyoksong County, South Hwanghae Province. Sokdamgugok means a pool and nine valleys.

Rooted at the bank of the Sokdam Stream meandering through the Unbyong area of outstanding natural beauty and rich historical relics, the tree is known to have grown for over 900 years since around 1100.

It is 27 metres tall, 11.6 metres round at the root neck, and 7.8 metres round at the chest height. It branches out from the height of some 3 metres upward, forming a crown of over 20 metres in diameter.

The tree’s growing force is still fairly good, and it adds much charm to the surrounding scenery.

The zelkova is registered as a natural living monument for its academic significance.