Yonphung Revolutionary Site

The Yonphung Revolutionary Site is in Kanggye City, Jagang Province.

Here, in December 1950 when the Fatherland Liberation War was still raging, President Kim Il Sung guided the 30th plenary meeting of the DPRK Cabinet and prepared the third plenary meeting of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, calling the entire Party and all the people to the victory in the war.

At the 30th plenary meeting he summed up the work done since the outbreak of the war and put forward the tasks to be carried out.

In cold winter nights, he sat at the table far into the night, writing report to the Party CC’s 3rd plenary meeting. Whenever asked to take some rest, he would say:

“I’ll take a good rest with all the people one day after we win the war.”

The President said:

“We’re now fighting a winning war.”

He told officials to work out a three-year plan for post-war rebuilding and developing the national economy.

Visitors to this revolutionary site would recall the great exploits of the President in repelling the allied forces of imperialist aggression headed by the U.S. and defending the honor and dignity of the nation, thus preparing a solid foundation for eternal prosperity of the country.