Worthwhile life of women across the country

November the 16th is Mothers´ Day. On the day all children of Korea are extending warm thanks and congratulations to their mothers who gave birth to and brought them up with loving care. Receiving congratulations of their beloved children, the Korean mothers are moved to tears, grateful for the benevolent bosom of life they are enjoying in boundless happiness.
A national meeting of mothers was grandly held in the presence of the great leader President
Kim Il Sung on November the 16th, Juche 50 or 1961.


That day Kim Il Sung made a historic speech “The duty of mothers in the education of children”. Saying he heard the report and speeches with great interest, he gave thanks to the officials of women´s union organizations present at the meeting and to many other women who were devoting themselves to education of children and socialist construction in the name of the Central Committee of the Workers´ Party of Korea and the Government of the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea.

All the women highly praised by the President that day were the simple and honest ones of this country with lofty patriotism and noble human love. Among them was Jang Kil Bu, mother of the anti-Japanese revolutionary fighter Ma Tong Hui. She sacrificed her children to the motherland and revolution.

Kim Il Sung called her to his side and highly praised her, saying that if all women educate their sons and daughters in a revolutionary way as Ma Tong Hui´s mother did, the children would all grow into good revolutionaries.

Not only Jang Kil Bu but also other women of Korea were the diligent and warmhearted ones who sent their husbands and children to the front and bravely fought to defend the rear during the hard-fought war and adopted orphans and brought them up as their flesh and blood even in difficulties during the postwar reconstruction, thinking that the destiny of the family is in the destiny of the country. That is why he highly praised and showed a great love to them.

Indeed, Kim Il Sung was a benevolent teacher who made painstaking efforts for the women and mothers to enjoy a worthwhile life with the honorable duty for the times and revolution, the country and nation.

The great Kim Jong Il led the Korean women and mothers to fulfill their duty for the society with warm love and infinite devotion for the motherland, people and rising generations, true to the lofty intention of the President.

Busy as he was with his Songun-based revolutionary leadership, he established the spirit of respecting women in the whole society and was deeply concerned for the women and their children so that national protection and love could reach them during the arduous march and forced march accompanied with harsh trials.

One day, on his long march of Songun, he highly praised a lecturer of a revolutionary site, recollecting that she was bringing up orphans and sending them for national defense and socialist construction.

Today the happiness of the Korean women is increasing thanks to respected Marshal  Kim Jong Un who is realizing the noble desire of Generalissimos Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. The 4th National Meeting of Mothers held in the capital city Pyongyang in Juche 101 or 2012 was a great assemblage of women who bring up their children as true sons and daughters of the country.

As all things in the world come to life by the light and heat of the sun, so the life of the Korean women is worthwhile thanks to the deep trust and warm love of the great Generalissimos and respected Marshal Kim Jong Un.