World-famous Flower Kimilsungia & Kimjongilia

The 2014 Qingdao World Horticultural Expo is being grandly held in Qingdao of China between April 25 and October 25. Attending the Expo are many countries including the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Denmark and France and many institutions in different parts of China. Since the Expo opened, the immortal flower Kimilsungias displayed in the Korean Garden drew many people. Chinese media reported of it in detail. The newspaper “Peninsula City” on April 26 introduced the Korean Garden in detail.

The newspaper said:

“Kimilsungia was presented to President Kim Il Sung as gift during his visit to Indonesia and awarded gold prizes in the 2006 Shenyang World Horticultural Expo and the 2011 Xian World Horticultural Expo. The flowers are displayed in the middle of the hall of the exhibition garden and many visitors take pictures of them.”

On May 5 the Qingdao Television said:

“Most wonderful, peculiar and attractive flowers in the 2014 Qingdao World Horticultural Expo are Kimilsungia and Kimjongilia displayed in the Korean Garden, which were named after the great leaders of Korea Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.

Many visitors to the Korean Garden are reluctant to leave, fascinated by the special charm and rare beauty of the flowers. Many tourists ask where the Korean Garden is so as to see Kimilsungia and Kimjongilia well-known as the most attractive flowers in the current Expo. They say they have to visit the Korean Garden, even though they cannot go to other places of the venue of the Expo.”

Visitors´ comments were also great.

An official of a Chinese Post Office said with great admiration:

“Kimilsungia and Kimjongilia are more significant rare flowers as they are not only exquisite and beautiful but also have been named after the Korean leaders. Thanks to Kimilsungia and Kimjongilia specially displayed in the Korean Garden, this Expo seems to be more dignified as a world horticultural Expo.”

A reporter from the Shandong Television of China said:

“Many visitors do not give way to others, but stay at the stand with the beautiful deep pink violet Kimilsungias and big red Kimjongilias, taking pictures of them.”

A student of China said:

“I think Kimilsungia and Kimjongilia will enjoy love and respect of many people in the current Expo, too, as in the 2011 Xian World Horticultural Expo.”

Amid great public concern and admiration for Kimilsungia, an awarding ceremony of the orchid competition of the Qingdao World Horticultural Expo was held on May 6. Gold Prize, the highest prize of the Expo, and diploma were awarded to Kimilsungia at the ceremony.

The Executive Director of the Organizing Committee for International Competition of Flowers of the Expo said:

“Kimilsungia was awarded the gold prize in the current Expo in the wake of the highest prizes awarded to it in a number of horticultural Expos including the Xian World Horticultural Expo. It showed again that the flower named after President Kim Il Sung is a famous flower recognized by the world.”

The world-famous flower Kimilsungia will beautifully bloom as an immortal flower all over the world, monopolizing the interest of the people.