Women Triplets in Samjiyon City Are Happily Married

Jang Un Hye, Jang Chung Sil and Jang Po Dap who are sister triplets living in Samjiyon City, Ryanggang Province, the DPRK, got married happily on the same day.

They who are from Pyongyang now live in Samjiyon City out of the desire to spruce up the holy sanctuary of the revolution. They performed feats as women members of the shock brigade in the construction site of the Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station to which they volunteered.

In April last year, when Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un inspected Samjiyon City, he visited the triplets at new home to acquaint himself in detail with their living conditions and asked them to write to him when they marry good men.

Before the wedding ceremony they wrote the Supreme Leader a letter describing the happy story that led to their marriage and carrying the desire to repay the kindness shown by him.

The Supreme Leader read the letter and sent wedding gifts to them, which are great benevolence.

There took place a wedding ceremony on April 19.

Officials of the party and power organs in Ryanggang Province and Samjiyon City, officials of the 216 division and families and relatives congratulated the three couples.

The three couples made a bow of gratitude to the Supreme Leader who valued their deeds which young people of the present times ought to do and showed affection one after another for them.

They sang the song “Ardent Desire” out of the respect for the Supreme Leader and the desire for his well-being.