Woman Worker Deputy to the SPA

The Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Textile Mill is a “women´s mill” in Pyongyang, the capital of the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea. Women workers enjoy a worthwhile life in the mill with excellent working conditions.

Weaver Mun Kang Sun is one of them. Now she is in her early 30s. She is Labor Heroine and deputy to the Supreme People´s Assembly. She became a weaver after graduating from a secondary school. She doubled her efforts with an urge to become an innovator as soon as possible. But it was not easy. Sometimes she would fail to fulfill her daily plan as she was unable to link cut threads in time and looms stopped long. She was ashamed of being burdens to others. She redoubled her efforts. Back to her dormitory, she practiced thread linking. When she failed to achieve her goal of the day, she kept vigil next night, and next night again.

“I will stand on my own legs.”

With such a determination she practiced thread linking day and night. Thanks to her painstaking efforts, she could operate 10 looms after a few months. In the 4th year of her job in the mill, she over-fulfilled her yearly assignment under the national economic plan.

For the merit, she was awarded state decoration for the first time. She felt a pride and worth that she took the first step as a proud master of the mill who contributed to the cloth production of the country.

“I will do my duty as master of the country by producing more cloth.”

With the thought, she threaded her way through the looms. She thought out a way to save time in looking round the machines. And then she took charge of more machines than standard and over-fulfilled her assignment earlier than others every year.

In those days she had the honor to meet Kim Jong Il who visited the mill and have a picture taken with him. Afterwards, she got married and received a new apartment from the state.

Respected Kim Jong Un called at her house and wished her family happiness.

Heroine weaver Mun Kang Sun, deputy to the SPA, is known to the whole country.